8 Biggest Locks on Earth

July 29, 2011

Today we have to deploy increasingly sophisticated measures to secure our possessions and deter would be thieves. Past decades have introduced key cards, number pads and Total Recall style biometric scanning.

As these more advanced security measures become further integrated into our everyday lives we would like to present the collection below as a reminder that, sometimes, the best form of protection is great big lump of reinforced steel. (more…)


10 Beautifully Intricate Locks

June 16, 2011

Many locks are undeniably beautiful to look at, whether it be their flamboyantly intricate inner workings or decorative, ornate outer plates. Maybe not so much with modern locks, where the focus on function is seen as far more important than the need for touches of elaborate stylistic flair, but certainly with locks of old. Thankfully for us, and highlighted by the collection assembled below, many of these old works of art have been kept in pristine condition and continue to stand guard the world over. (more…)


How to pick a lock with a business card

May 4, 2011

Image Source

The impressive multi-functional business card you see above belongs to “Melvin,” a hacker who decided some years ago to design a piece of business identification that was both appropriate and unique. He scored on both fronts, but most impressive is the card’s dual purpose: as well as providing contact info for clients, the card can be easily dismantled – each individual tool can be popped out and detached – and cleverly used as a lock-picking kit. It’s a great idea. (more…)


7 Amusing Key Holders

March 18, 2011

At the risk of neutralising potential customers, there are certain steps one can take in order to avoid employing the services of a locksmith, the simplest of which is to keep your keys either on your person at all times, or, should you be at home, in a designated spot free of clutter. This may sound like very simple advice – some would say to the point of being patronising – but human beings’ ability to miss the obvious should never be underestimated. Which is why the trusty key holder is such a valuable asset in the modern home: it has a permanent, fixed spot in the house; it has one purpose, and that is to store your keys; when “installed” in the correct location, it is very difficult to miss when entering and leaving the building. (more…)


F***in’ locks, how do they work?

January 18, 2011

For your amusement, we present a selection of images that highlight the average simpleton’s apparent inability to summon the common sense necessary when securing property with a lock. If you’re in any way similar to us, looking at each and every example will result in a short burst of laughter, quickly followed by a painlessly brief period of depression as the perpetrator’s confused (or not, depending on the severity of his/her idiocy) face is imagined. It’s also worth remembering as you wipe the lone tear from your cheek that this is but a tiny snapshot of a problem that will continue to plague the land for as long as simpletons, locks and personal property exist. (more…)


Locks of Love

October 21, 2010

It seems that locks aren’t just simply used to keep property secure from theft and vandalism any more. For decades now a custom has slowly been creeping across the world whereby loving, romantic, and sometimes superstitious couples have decided to write messages on padlocks, attach them to certain landmarks in specific areas - more often than not railings and fences - and then throw away the key. The practice, as well as symbolising a couple’s unending love for each other, is in some countries thought to bring good luck to a relationship. (more…)


Hello world!

October 12, 2010

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